Gamification Coursera MeetUp

Minggu, 2 Maret 2014 menjadi salah satu momen “learning and sharing” yang sangat bermakna bagi saya pribadi. Dimana pengalaman belajar ternyata tidak hanya di kantor, di universitas, di sekolah, tetapi dengan belajar berkomunitas di MeetUp IDCourserians. Di MeetUp pelajar coursera pertama yang diadakan di tahun 2014, saya mendapat kesempatan untuk membagikan pengalaman mengikuti course “Gamification” yang saya ikuti 2 tahun lalu di coursera. Bertempat di … Continue reading Gamification Coursera MeetUp

The Impact of Infectious Social Media #EDCMOOC

  Social Media has powerful impact for people’s daily life.  it has been global phenomenon that has infected people with its features in people lifestyles. I think social media is one of many technology that has successfully combing the meaning of being human in digital cultures.  Social media has encourage people interact and communicate with everyone in this world just very easily and effectively. In … Continue reading The Impact of Infectious Social Media #EDCMOOC

The Truth of Being Human: Equality, Freedom, and Autonomy #edcmooc

Breaking out the boundaries, bringing out people from the ‘same tradition’, reaching the unlimited life are wild dreams of lots of people. As modern human, we try to do everything to innovate and try something new to improve the quality of life to maximum level. With the help of new technology,everything seems possible to achieve. Specifically, in education area, this is also the dream of … Continue reading The Truth of Being Human: Equality, Freedom, and Autonomy #edcmooc

E-Book Gamification

I think gamification would be relevant to improve people’s interest in reading e-books because with gamification, people would do improve their involvement in reading ebooks. The gamification target are all people around the world who have or haven’t read our e-books. With gamification, I would like all the customers who are readers of e-books do more than just a reading, but also involved actively spreading … Continue reading E-Book Gamification

Gamification in the Future

This is my reflection when I took gamification courses. I also share my written assignment in gamification. I think Gamification is cool subject which enhance people creative minds! GAMIFICATION OF CEREAL PASTRIES I think gamification is a brilliant way to promote new ways of breakfast in form of cereal pastries. First, gamification could create people’s choice of eating breakfast parties engage customer to feel the … Continue reading Gamification in the Future