When technology becomes our best friend #EDCMOOC

In the previous “Being Human” session, technology has made a lot of terrible impact for human life which losing the essence of being human. However, we must realize that technology is unavoidable future which would penetrate our life experience in the coming year. Therefore, we should begin be ready to make a choice whether technology…

The Future of Learning by Steve Wheeler Public Keynote presented at LearnTEC 2011 Tradefair and Learning Technologies Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany. Sharing by Steve Wheeler about our future learning experience? What do you think of this new way of learning? The Future of Learning from Steve Wheeler

The Truth of Being Human: Equality, Freedom, and Autonomy #edcmooc

Breaking out the boundaries, bringing out people from the ‘same tradition’, reaching the unlimited life are wild dreams of lots of people. As modern human, we try to do everything to innovate and try something new to improve the quality of life to maximum level. With the help of new technology,everything seems possible to achieve….

Geography Valentine’s Poem

  Valentine’s Day is a special day to remind everyone of us the importance of love. In my school, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with chocolate everywhere. In my Geography Class, we celebrate Valentine by making special Valentine poem with Geography vocabulary. I think this would be very effective for students to learn difficult words of…