Fun Way to Drive Collaboration with Google Slides

Join my collaborative journey with students to design relevant, contextual, and personal learning material with Google Slides!

My name is Steven. I am teaching Social Studies Grade 8. This blog will discuss “Act of Defiance” topic.

What is my learning objectives?

Students will analyze the origin and impact of act of defiance.

What application/edtech tools did you use?

We use Google Slides so my students and I can collaborate in research and present our findings in slides and poster.

How did you design your lesson?

1. First, I explained about the meaning of defiance act. I took familiar examples so students can relate to: Movie Character We discussed why movie characters commit an act of defiance in the story. Just like these video:


Nick — Zootopia

2. Second, I designed one slide template which include research topics students to explore about movie character’s act of defiance.

3. I displayed one example slide with text and picture as a sample slide students need to make.

4. I duplicated the slide template for all students. Each students got one slide to complete.

5. I distributed the link of the slides. (You can click share to get the link). To make it easier, you can shorten the link with URL shortener:

5. Students opened the link on their laptop and used Google Slides feature: Explore to start their research with teacher’s guidance.

6. Lastly, students presented their research about their reflection of each movie’s character defiance’s origin and impact.

How did this teaching tool impact you lesson?

1. Students were able to collaborate to design one slide together as they can learn and share from each other.

2. Students were able to complete research effectively since the they can insert text, pictures, and video easily with explore feature.

3. Students were able to directly present their research in form of slides presentation and posters they can download.

What did you learn from this lesson?

  • Google Slide helped me to present relevant, interactive, and personalized learning material.
  • It’s very exciting to see students engage in designing learning material in Google Slides.
  • Gain unique students’ perspective about this teaching material makes this lesson very interactive!

Check out this tutorial video for more step by step guideline:

Finally, if you have any questions or ideas to utilize technology like this, please feel free to email me at !


2 thoughts on “Fun Way to Drive Collaboration with Google Slides

  1. This is Classroom Iron Chef at its finest! I love how you put together the ingredients, shared your “recipe” and let your students make their own. Thanks for sharing Steven!

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