5 Essential Questions for Your Life : A Book Summary

Dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education challenges you to ask these five essential questions to live your fullest life. One of them is surprisingly simple : Wait, what?


In this book, James E.Ryan inspires us to ask these five essential questions that will impact the way we see things, treat people, and change life. Probably, most of us have ever asked these simple questions to us:

Wait, what?” : the root of all understanding
I wonder…? : The heart of all curiosity
Couldn’t we at least…? : the beginning of all progress
How can I help : the base of all good relationships
What truly matters? : the heart of life.”

(James E.Ryan, 2017)


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For me, there are two reasons why I’m in love with this book:

  1. Spectacular Questions in Simple Structure. With strong opening chapter,  “WHY DO YOU ASK”?, followed by five chapters that discuss each essential question, this book will make you ask these questions regularly in you daily life.  The conclusion is even surprisingly inspiring as he closes this book with bonus question that you can find in the book.
  2. Relevant Life Experiences. James E.Ryan beautifully elaborates these five essential questions through real life stories of many people that will challenge us to rethink how we live our life and empower us to grow genuine curiosity and build true relationship.

This book is totally one of my favorite books in 2017! You can get the glimpse of the awesomeness of this book through his commencement speech at Harvard University:

Happy Reading! Read this book on your Kindle here !


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