The Best Free Apps for School Event

With the help of the best free apps and great teamwork (teachers + students), this is how we celebrate passion and innovation in our school.

STEAM Expo is the biggest annual event in my school which conducted to showcase students’ research, innovation, passion, and ideas to friends, family, and visitors. This is collaborative event designed by and for students, teachers, and parents.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.30.23 AM

This event is managed by Mr.Jefri & Sally, as STEAM Expo Coordinators  in our school. For me, they’re really awesome leader who made this event so successful as they open up with crazy ideas and creativity. I’d also thank amazing teachers (Ms.Pauline, Mr.Ahmad, Mr.Reagan, Ms.Dharma) and amazing students who have contributed their best time and effort for this event. Without their collaboration, these fantastic apps will be useless.

So, great team is the most important element. Great apps will increase the awesomeness.

Alright, Let’s start discussing the best FREE apps for this event:

STEAM Standing Banner – Google Slide

Believe it or not, you can literally design anything with Google Slides. Students designed their STEAM banner in Google Slides and submitted them in Google Classroom. In the image below,  you will see STEAM Banner designed by the students in Google Slides.

Simple, Printable, Collaboration, Easy to Manage. 

That probably the reasons you will see so many Google Slides in our event.

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“The Beauty of INDONESIA” Photo Gallery – Pixelmator


We do believe Art & Humanities is important life aspect that will balance students emotion, feeling, perspective, and nationalism. Therefore, we challenge our students to express their photography skills by displaying their favorite photos about our country.

Edited with Pixelmator, one of the simplest and coolest photo editing app in Macbook, students successfully designed elegant photography exhibition that will inpire you to treasure the beauty of our country. Unfortunately, you need to buy this app Rp 439.000 in your Appstore.

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Experience the Future with VR & AR – VR & AR Apps

We have the coolest Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Experience that will bring STEAM participants to the future!! With the most recommended and curated apps for education, we engage participants to use their gadget to travel to the future. Please feel free to download these apps for ARAnimal 4D, Anatomy 4D, Elements 4D, VR: Google Expedition for bringing the AR to your class.

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STEAM Video – iMovie, Garage Band, YouTube

As part of social studies & ICT integrated learning, we asked our students to make a video to promote their STEAM Journey. First, students made their own script in Google Slides, submitted in Google Classroom. Then, students shoot their own videos and edit them using iMovie.


Here’s their amazing video created by iMovie. Some students also produced their original soundtrack using Garage Band. After that, we collect students video using YouTube:


STEAM Awards – Google Slides

The last but not the least, we have the most exciting awards for the innovation at our STEAM Expo. There are several categories of this award from the best poster, best movie, best product, best presentation, best booth, and STEAM Champion and Runners Up.

Get the full recap video of our STEAM Expo here. Designed by the winner of BEST MOVIE Awards: Nuno, Grade 7 Student.

Event Booklet – Google Slides

I love how we collaborate to design our book event with Google Slides. By setting up the portrait paper design, we collaborate designing our event booklet and download it as PDF.

Read our event booklet to get complete innovations in our STEAM Expo 2017 here:

#SASTEAMExpo – TweetBeam

To get more excitement what happens in our STEAM Expo this year, you can go to #SASTEAMExpo on your instagram as you will see collaborative documentation of our event from the perspective of visitors, teachers, parents, and students.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.30.23 AM

We also use several apps for displaying our hashtag. One of the coolest apps I recommend is TweetBeam. Simple yet very engaging as you can collect pictures, comments, and excitement for the event. No Sign up Required. Have a try !

That’s all ! Feel free to share another useful apps you use to make your school event more engaging and amazing!


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