Teach Simple Business Skills to Your Students

It’s never too early to teach business skills to your students. 

Preparing students for the world of business is really essential as we live in dynamic and fast growing marketplace. It’s time to stop asking your students what they want to become, it’s time to ask the students what they have prepared to achieve their dream as I always believe entrepreneur is a DOER, not a DREAMER. 

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I teach business and entrepreneurial skills to my Grade 7-8 students at my school. By doing this, we experienced ‘beta business’ steps which teach us a lot of meaningful skills. Want to join our ‘beta business’ experience? This is a simple strategy that I use to teach business skills to my students:

1. Advertisement/ Commercial Skills

Our students world are surrounded with millions of advertisement around them. By letting them to choose their favorite brands and advertisement they will learn what makes great advertisement. This method will provide direct model and comparison what makes great product.

In my class, as a Apple Fan boys,  I chose Apple products advertisement since I believe they offer outstanding quality of advertisement elements you can learn from.

Here is some funny Apple Ads video for inspiration. If your product advertised like Apple:

Now, get back to the serious business, it’s time to see some real amazing Apple Advertisements:

Here’s sample of students work after they learn how to design engaging advertisement just like Apple. My students used Adobe Spark to design their advertisement poster, video and website.

2. Marketing Mix

A simple marketing mix practice will definitely inspire your students to think as a marketer. I found 4P Marketing Mix concept can be easily applied to students life as they think of their favorite food marketing strategy.  This is simple way of explaining 4P Marketing Mix:


After guiding students with clear model and sample, you can ask them to replicate the concept to different products. This time I asked them to analyze various marketing mix of diverse food and beverage business which seems to be more familiar and relevant to their daily life.

Here is sample of 4P marketing strategy made by my students:

3. Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas is fun learning experience you can try with your students. By doing this, students gain clear picture of how to start a simple start up. Through this activity, students learn to think creatively and critically as a start up founder. Eventually, they probably will even make their business happen!


By practicing making diverse business model canvas, students will learn each business has their own challenges and opportunities which make them unique. At the end of the session, they will reflect what kind of business they want to make based on their passion, ability, idea, and market needs.

Here’s sample of my students business model canvas:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Advertisement, Marketing, and Business Model skills will ultimately inspire your students to think like a entrepreneur. No matter what career they will pursue, this business skill will equip themselves to be competitive and collaborative contributor in their market place.

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