Seeing the Bigger Picture at TEDxJIS


Together with teachers & students from my school, we attended the annual TEDxJIS event on February 4th at Jakarta Intercultural School. Here are some takeaways from the event.


The first speaker is Ria Koumekawa is the co-founder of DSK, a student organization at JIS that focuses on enhancing the lives of local school children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). I loves how she changed our perspective about strangers and encouraged us to see them as human. By sharing our comfort, love, empathy, and smile, she challenged us to build meaningful connection with people to open a whole new perspective.


Simran Nanwani, a registered nutritionist, does not believe in prescribing fixed diets and encourages a behavioral lifestyle change. She hopes to be able to reprogram dietary habits to combat child obesity.


Then, Ilonka Meier, a cancer survivor shared us a a new perspective to support our friends, partner, and family who have cancer. She believed that abundant love, empathy, positive encouragement and meaningful presence will give a strong confidence to everyone that “WE CAN DO IT.”


Shana Gilbert, the founder of Come, Let’s Dance, an NGO for sustainable community development in Uganda with a growing school for over 300 students has challenged our perspective on how to “WRECK” our life by following our passion, doing something different and impactful, and failing forward.


Kai Paul, born and raised in Indonesia, has been building footwear out of discarded tires in Bali for the last 7 years. He shared his passion about the preservation of this beautiful country and improving the system of waste and material management.

In the midst of the events, we also watch very engaging TEDx Talk about the dazzling flying machines of the future &  hilarious talk of Maysoon Zayid.


Kaashvi Sehgal works with Child Rights and You, an NGO based in New Delhi, challenged us to help restore children’s rights in Indonesia. By supporting children to get their basic right of living, Kaashvi inspired us to observe our surroundings and solve the world’s most challenging problems. In short, she also reminded us about the ultimate resources we can contribute to the needy : TIME.


Sabrina Hartono is an 18-year-old writer and service-oriented activist. The author of “Forgotten Voices” explained her reflective journey of listening to elders in nursing home which reminded us to the true meaning of service which involve life skills, survival instinct, and mutual benefit.


Prithika Madhavan, a Lead User Experience Designer at IBM, strives to find solutions to everyday problems through design. She believes that design is a means to craft solutions to real world issues. With the unconventional checklist of human life, she encouraged us to believe and pursue our deep passions and dreams which often challenge ordinary life situation.


The last speaker, Timothy Carr, with experience in leading school change initiatives with a  vivid dreams for creating a school everyone wanted. After asking many people’s ideas, suggestions, perspectives about their ideal school, he and his team successfully formulated a redesigned aim and purpose for his school in the below picture.


Taken from JIS Destiny Plans :

Using Tony Wagner’s principle [Play, Passion, Purpose], he want to replicated JIS values to Indonesian schools and global education system.

In the end, this event has always empowered us with a new perspective that change the way we see our life. This has ‘unframed’ our ‘limit frame‘ to rethink how we think, act, and do. Definitely, one of the best TEDx event I’ve ever joined. Looking forward to put the full TEDxJIS video on this blog.

Congratulations TEDxJIS team!



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  1. winnymarlina says:

    wow acaranya yg menarik, ikut!

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