2017: Ease isn’t the Goal, Excellence is…

Unleashing creativity requires that we loosen the controls, accept risk, trust our colleagues, work to clear the path for them, and pay attention to anything that creates fear.”

Ed Catmull – Creativity Inc.

I was more than excited to welcome 2017 by learning, leading and participating the most exciting training session at Millennia21 which allowed me to unleash creativity in training.


The two days training at Millennia21 is full of dynamic and interactive session of relevant topics on communication skills, training structures and methods, creative learning, and collaborative experiences of participants and trainers.

Here are some takeaways from this training session:  

1. Training is not just about technology, skills, or knowledge. It’s about people, people, people.

It’s about how you connect and sync your expertise with participants background knowledge and experience  to bring engaging learning experience.

2.Simplicity is the key.

Keep it simple and memorable. Effective trainers deliver simple message that stick to people mind by engaging people to say and do something with that simple message.

3. Great Trainer = Creative Communicators

There are so many strategies to keep your participants engaged and excited in your training session.  Make sure you communicate the message with interesting opening, content, and inspiring conclusion.


As participant for this training, it was totally a great privilege for me to witness how we grow, inspire, and empower each other to become a better trainer.  I myself was challenged to be a better trainer for this wonderful participants.

Here’s my training material:

10 Tips for Designing Effective Training Session


1. Engage Participants

I love how each person stay engaged by answering questions, posting questions, and sharing their personal experiences during the session. The training is totally not about me, but it’s about everyone sharing best practice.

2. Technology as a Tool

We used Google Slide as a powerful tool to create, communicate, and collaborate with trainers to design training presentation.

3. Inspire Each Other

We present our training slide, practice our material, and share constructive comments to build each other. It was totally one of my favorite moments as participants are surprised by their friends’ spontaneous action which boots everyone’s confidence.


It’s my greatest pleasure to support and empower amazing trainers like Pauline, my co-leader in GEG West Jakarta to lead ‘uncomfortably exciting’ training session! Can’t be more excited to join your next training session !


Finally, this training won’t the job of leading training easier, yet just like Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation Studio said :

“…But ease isn’t the goal; excellence is.”




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