Comic based Learning with Pixton

Why Comic?

  1. Students love story. Story gives powerful connection for students to click with simple and memorable message.
  2. Picture says more than thousand words. Pictures will stay in your students minds longer than words as it will leave meaningful remarks.


Take a look of how Pixton works here:

Why Pixton?

  1. Super simple Click-n-drag comic creator
  2. Design your own characters and move them into any pose.
  3. Customize props, upload pictures, create freestyle panel layouts, add sound & voice-over, and much more.
  4. Available on Android and iOS apps
  5. Pixton for Schools helps you utilizing comic in your lesson.


6. Relevant sample of comic based learning available here !


7. Lesson Plan provided !! Check some inspiring activities that will help your students learn with comics.


8. Featured Props give students inspirations to create comics with relevant topic.


9. Sample comic is available to demonstrate expected standard of comic based learning.screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-8-35-44-pm

10. Interactive Assessment Rubric both for self, peer, and teacher assessment.screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-8-35-29-pm

How to use it?

I use Pixton as a tool to measure students communication skills to apply scientific knolwedge, skills, and principals about environmental change in Social Studies.

1.We discussed some environmental problems and pollution. Students designed collaborative slide using Google Slide:

2.As part of application, we designed a comic to campaign the importance of environmental awareness. Below are some photos documentation of my students completing their Pixton in Sampoerna Academy, Jakarta, Indonesia :

Here’s my sample of my students comic :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, I am positive Pixton is one of the most effective tools to give students opportunity apply and visualize their understanding to meaningful context that could inspire people.

Empower your students to design powerful visual story with PIXTON !

Register here for school edition:


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