Bring Coding to Your Class with Google CS First

I have no special IT background but I have great interest in learning coding. Why ? Simple. Coding teach you how to think and create. In the midst of our technology area, I realize Coding has become a new MUST LEARN language just like English.

This is WHY you MUST learn Coding

Among all best resources of learning coding, I found Google CS First is my favorite Coding blended learning platform for K-12 students.  Google CS first will be one of the best resource for you and your students learning Coding first time. So far, Google CS First has been one of the most powerful blended learning platform for students to learn coding with relevant and engaging theme.


Google CS First Testimonial

Google CS First Awesome Features:

  1. Special Theme Made for your studentsscreen-shot-2016-03-10-at-7-17-24-pm-12. Tutorial video with very engaging content

        3. Relevant Assessment with Quiz & Projects 


        4. Track your students progress


        5. Lesson Plan, Cheat Sheets, Flyer, Roster is there 


        6. Print your certificate


I used Google CS First for my ICT Class for two months curriculum. I love how Google designed all resources which really make it easy for students to learn coding independently.

Here’s How you can start your own club:

  1. Register here as teacher:
  2. Create your own club by choosing relevant themes for your students
  3. Let your students sign up with your club code.
  4. Guide students to complete listed activities
  5. Monitor students progress
  6. Facilitate & Empower students to practice Coding using Stratch
  7. Awards students who have finished their Google CS First with Certificate.
  8. Challenge your students to pick another themes

Below are some picture documentary of how I did Google CS First in my class:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to experience preview of Google CS First, they now join Hour of Code to campaign coding for students to create  Teacher Sneak Preview: Create an Hour of Code Club for CSEdWeek, Dec. 5-9! It’s never to late to learn Coding ! Start now.


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