3 Effective Technology Training Techniques

Technology Training should be done more than just passive and boring lecture style. It can be dynamic, interactive, and engaging. However, training can be done in various different techniques based on the number of participants and needs.

Today, we will discuss THREE Technology Training Techniques based on the number of participants  and gadget they bring:

1. Collaborative Competition with Google Slides (<50 Participants)

If you have <50 training participants who bring their own laptop, you can use this approach to engage your participants in practicing technology.

As one of the most practical apps in Google, Google Slides enables educators to design collaborative and simple presentation that will change the way you interact with class. Additionally, I always use this app to introduce Google Suites for Education with special strategy called “Culinary Competition on Google Slides” . Through this activity, training participants are challenged to design one slide of their local culinary consisting ingredients, images, and video about the culinary. If you often go training to several cities, you will get amazing resources of culinary from various different places.

 Take a look of some culinary slides which I took from Sampoerna University Training, SMA Cahaya Madani Banten Workshop, GEG & IGI Bandung, and Bootcamp Surabaya !

2. Gadget Based Workshop with Arts & Culture + Local Guide (50-100 Participants)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have 50-100 training participants and they don’t bring laptop, but only gadget, you can use Gadget Apps such as Google Arts & Culture & Local Guide to display the richness of Arts & Culture exhibition to show 360 Virtual Learning experience. Local Guides offers exciting experiences for teenagers as they are more familiar now with Google Maps. Both apps enable young people to do meaningful contributors for people as they add more helpful information to improve the maps clarity and review.

Combining Arts & Culture with Local Guide will bring dynamic interaction with teenagers to use technology for greater purpose. Also if you have more time, you can combine with Animals 4D & Kahoot! to make your session more exciting. Here’s my training slide:

3.  Sneak Peek with Multiple Apps (>100 Participants)

If you have more than 100 training participants with no assurance whether they bring gadget or not, you can use ‘Apps Sneak Peek’ technique to display various apps by exhibiting potential features and links.  ‘Sneak Peek’ means an opportunity to see something before it is officially available. With this training strategy, participants won’t explore the apps on the spot as the apps is not available yet on their gadget. Yet, it will inspire them to explore their own apps after your session.

I use this training approach to inspire more than 300 people to take courage in exploring Virtual Learning at GESS Indonesia 2016. This session covers Minecraft, Sway, Arts & Culture, Local Guide, TED Ed Club, Google Tour Builder, Expedition, and Animals 4D. Take a look on the pictures & the training slide:

Finally, make sure you also look at participants background knowledge, age, and needs as it will allow you to make adjustment and adaption to design exciting technology training  experience  ! Happy Training !



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