Experience Harmony in ‘Haphazard’ at TEDx Jakarta 2016

Here’s a quick recap of TEDxJakarta on Saturday June 25th, 2016 at AtAmerica, Pacific Place. The theme of this year’s event is HAPHAZARD, a situation that shape us to be more mature person.  Here are the recap of my experiences finding harmony in Haphazard at TEDx Jakarta 2016.

1. Stanley Widianto Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.39.22 PM

He is the youngest ‘haphazarders’ at this event, he is a freelance journalist from Jakarta, Indonesia whose work mainly focuses on music, politics, international relations and communication studies. You can explore his beautiful pieces of writing on this link : https://www.clippings.me/stanleywidianto

2. Razi Thalib

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.32.05 PM

“Find someone who can make you happier. Not ‘happy'” You have to be happy first.

He is founder of online matchmaker, setipe.com who shared meaningful tips on being happy single and find our life partner.  By allowing yourself to be open to lots of people to share, you will learn from them and know who can be connected to you.  Very inspiring presentation!

3. Danny Tumbelaka

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.28.34 PM

“became a photographer not really by plan. Turned he got chance to explore & preserve Indonesian history.” @TEDxJakarta

As professional photographer,  Danny shared an inspiring story of how he found his passion in fashion, potrait, and travelling. He treasures his passion as he believes he is making a change in  Culture, History, Hospitality/Service and Tourism. You can visit his outstanding work here : http://dannytumbelaka.wix.com/datum

TED Talks “Inside the Mind of a Master Procastination”

Here’s one of my favorite TED Talk that was shown in session 1:

4. Lianggono Susanto

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.39.42 PM

“Appreciation can start from simple (dead) flowers, then you will appreciate other things with fuller heart”

For me, this guy has the most unique passion in designing something out of dead materials. Yet Lianggono showed how this ‘weird’ hobby turn to artistic works that highlight the meaning of life and death through pictures. Visit his beautiful ‘haphazarding’ portfolio : http://vsco.co/lianggono/images/1

5. Wahyu Dyatmika

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.15.04 PM


“In digital era, investigation can be done with crowdsourcing. This can be the future of journalism” 

Wahyu believes journalist future is in people’s hand now. He highlighted important roles of citizen journalist who make an impact to free the data and information. “In digital era, investigation can be done with crowdsourcing. This can be the future of journalism” 

Before the last speaker, we watched another inspiring TED Talk about The Worst Designed Thing You’ve Never Noticed, MUST WATCH ! 

6. Alex Sihar

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.39.42 PM

“Restoring old movies is restoring our visual history.”

For me, he is the most inspiring speaker who tell the real haphazard  in our country’s appreciation about culture. In fact, I learn that restoring movies required deep study on history & past technology too, not just physical restoration.  This talk inspired me to treasure old movies as part of one of the most valuable cultural heritage.

You can watch the event here: http://livestream.com/tedx/TEDxJakarta-Haphazard

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.21.23 PM

That’s all for now. Dedicated to all TED Ed Clubbers in Jakarta, I hope this recap will ignite your mind to deal with  ‘haphazarding’ situation and haphazaders in our life. I give the highest appreciation for all team who have put their heart and mind to design this fantastic event.

I really thank all TEDx Jakaarta commitee who has designed simple but powerful event that change the way I see  harmony in ‘haphazard’ around me.

Congratsss team!


Finally, I’d like to end this post by letting you know that if you want to bring TED Ed Club in your school, please feel free to email me at steven.sutantro@gmail.com.You can visit the website here : ed.ted.com/clubs. Definitely TED Ed Club will be one of the most disruptive innovation in your schools. It’s a flexible program that prepare future TEDx speakers!

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.24.29 PM


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