The New Ending of Innovation with TED Ed

This is the new ending of my project as TED Ed Innovative Educator program as the program officially ended today. Here’s complete story of how I started the journey of innovation.


TED Ed Club [2014-2015]

It is started in 2014, when I first launched TED Ed Club in my school as part of extracurricular program. TED Ed Club is a platform that supports students in presenting their big ideas in the form of short TED-style talks.  Want to learn how to start a TED-Ed Club? 
You can download the TED-Ed Club information packet .


Here’s some practical experiences and examples of how I initiated my TED Ed Club in Jakarta, Indonesia [Click the link below]

TED Ed Club

1. Starting TED Ed Club 

2. Organizing Ideas at TED Ed Club

3. Design Your Ideas

4. Amplify Student Voice 

5. Goes to TEDxJakarta

TED Ed Innovative Educator [2015-2016]

While running my TED Ed Club, I joined TED Ed Innovative Educators program in 2015. TED Ed Innovative Educator is  a year-long professional development program for dynamic educators who are dedicated to celebrating the ideas of students and teachers around the world. If you’re a passionate teacher who has strong desire to grow, learn, and innovate, this program is an excellent fit for you.  [You must apply this year!!]

TED-Ed - TED Innovative Educator presentations, November 13, 2015, New York, NY. Photo: Dian Lofton/TED
TED-Ed – TED Innovative Educator presentations, November 13, 2015, New York, NY. Photo: Dian Lofton/TED

As part of the innovative educator, you need to do an innovation project in education and I choose to set up a station of passion and ideas which is called TED Ed Club Station. I wrote some of my best experiences in these training and projects, feel free to click the link below:

TED Ed Innovative Educator

1.  TEDx Youth at New York

2. Animate the Lesson, Amplify the Passion

3. TED Ed Club Station Launching

4. Collaboration with TEDxYouth Lazuardi


Now, in the ending of my final project as I completed the one year training program, the TED Ed Club Station has been transformed beyond students passion and ideas. It becomes something that I’m always passionate about: A station of  of educator’s passion and ideas.

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I realized educator has different and unique ideas but it all begins with this passion : Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn. In this redesigned station, I challenged educators to think stuff they love to learn and share to people. Therefore, the station goes beyond TED Ed platform. We called it “Pop Up EDU”.  Pop Up EDU is an passion and ideas exhibition held by and for educators. Pop Up EDU acknowledges and supports emerging educators’ passion and ideas that are meaningful and relevant to sustain educator’s lifelong learning spirit.


The purpose of Pop Up EDU are: to support the development of educator’s passion, ideas, and initiaves to learn, share, inspire and empower educators.  This center is built from, to, and for educators  to provide information, resources, communication, and community  of educator’s professional development. It’s first launched in Teachers College Alumni Gathering, Pelita Harapan University.  We have potential educators coming to our booth such as student teachers, teachers, and university faculty. I worked together with passionate educators from different platform such as Google Educator Group, WikiEdu Indonesia, EdTech teachers, and university faculty to amplify the ideas among teachers.

Read on for my step-by-step instructions on how you can start your own ‘Pop Up Edu’ for educators:

  1. Be the model of lifelong learner with TED Ed & other PD resources.                                                   You need to think things you like to explore and develop. For me, I love technology in education so I collect technology resources of my passion to produce innovative ideas in education. Currently, I lead a community of educators called Google Educator Group. I believe this become ultimate example of passion that can be shared to other teachers.IMG_6572
  2. Find a teacher event near you and offer setting a special Teacher PD Center.                               There are various teachers event near you such as seminar, workshop, and camp. You can explore opportunity of introducing your passion and ideas in form of booth that enable passionate educators like you exhibit their journey of pursuing their passion and ideas and inspire other educators to find their own. I myself find teachers college alumni gathering in my university which involve wide range of educators and student teachers. WhatsApp-Image-20160620
  3. Involve passionate educators to be your contributors.                                                                               There are so many teachers who might have similar passion with you. They might be interested in using different technology platform but still they have the same spirit to learn, unlearn, and relearn. Lead these educators to collaborate with you sharing the passion and ideas at your station. I even worked together with the 2nd cohort of TED Ed Innovative Educators (Wiputra Cendana) and future TED Ed Club Facilitators.z
  4. Design collaborative content to exhibit passion and ideas                                                        Organize your own passion and ideas into online and hands on resources. You can develop  website, slide, or shared folder that can be accessed during and after the event. You can bring materials to be exhibited in the event.      Here’s the resources sample I designed. Access the slide here:              Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.32.55 PM Visit our sites
  5. Interact with station’s visitor to post their their passion and ideas                                                      Explain to station visitor about your passion and ideas and let them ask and suggest your passion and idea growth.  Involve them to post their own by giving them post it to share their own passion and ideas. You can also design a google form that enable them to give digital feedback and comments about your station. Here’s sample form I made: Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.33.23 PM
  6. Stay connected with your teachers participants & contributors.                                                         Make sure you get the data of your booth visitor using Google Form to enable you interact with them after the station. Let them interact with you after the event as they might want to create a future booth involving their passion and ideas.


During this innovation project, I learn that educator has their own passion and ideas and it needs to be channeled and shared to other educators. The more you give opportunity to educators share their passion and ideas, the more they inspire other teachers and students. When educators can learn from passionate educators, they will be inspired and challenged to find their unique passion and ideas as a lifelong learning educators.

new doc 49_1

Additionally, when educators speak up their voices to community of educators, they will be motivated to keep developing their passion and ideas to inspire others.  I think this station should be part of educator’s culture around the world. Learn, Share, Inspire, and Empower. This station has become an incubator of innovation, collaboration, and creativity in redesigning future of education.


[With Ibu Connie, Dean of Faculty of Education]

Today might the formal ending day of TED Ed Innovative Educator program but it actually uncover more exciting opportunities for educators in Indonesia. This is definitely a new ending of my innovation project. I’d like to say BIG thank you to all innovative educators, TED Ed team, and educators who joined this ‘innovation squad’.

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

If you have questions about how to replicate this project, set up TED Ed Club, or join TED Ed Innovative Educator program, please reach out to me on email : or twitter @Steven_Sutantro. 


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