TED Ed Clubs Station at TEDxYouth@Lazuardi

This post will highlight important moments of my collaboration with Mahrukh Bashir to initiate TED Ed Club Station at TEDx Youth Lazuardi. 


I first met Mahrukh in Facebook in TED Ed Club Facilitator program. I was very excited back then as Mahrukh was the only teacher who initiated TED Ed Club in 2014.  She set excellent model of TED Ed Club in Indonesian school which inspired me a lot. Through social media (Facebook & Twitter), We discussed and exchanged thought and resources about spreading TED Ed Club in Indonesia.  This is the photo of Lazuardi TED Ed Club :

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.32.48 AM

In 2015, we joined TED Ed Innovative Educator program and we did some projects. Mahrukh has special project to give TED Ed training to schools so that educators could use TED Ed resources & start TED Ed Clubs in their school. If you need TED Ed training, Mahrukh is one of the most resourceful and amazing person for doing that. You can reach out her by contacting her via Facebook here.


I first met her in person in TEDx Youth at SPH while I launched TED Ed Club Station project in February 2016.  Then, Mahrukh invited me to bring my station to her TEDx  Youth Lazuardi that would be launched in May 2016. I was more than excited to be part of her awesome initiaves! I helped spreading the event in my teachers community and brought my students to join the event through TED Ed Club Station.


TEDxYouth at Lazuardi



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The event started at 10 AM – 17.00 PM.  The speakers of the session has very unique and diverse which include Lazuardi head of school, ministry of education, physic olympiad coach, world bank staff, education community, and TED Ed Club Lazuardi students.In the midst of session, there are astonishing students performance which entertain you with various beautiful voice and sound of music.  I love how this event smartly package wide range of people background that focus on one main theme : Success & Happiness in 21st Century.  

I can tell you this is one of the best TEDx talks that I’ve ever attended in my whole life. 


My students and I were beyond inspired after watching every talk as passion and ideas flow beautifully covering the atmosphere in the event. Among all the best speakers, my favorite speakers were Haidar Bagir, Sayed Hyder and  Vivi Alatas which shared a peaceful and meaningful success inspiration in 21st century. I love the way they delivered the message which were came from relevant experiences and unique perspectives. Their personal stories and insights have transferred spirit, passion, and energy to live in harmony with others.  You must watch their talks after the video published.

[I will update this post with the links of TEDxYouth Lazuardi talks in July, you need to come back to see this post in July!! ]

TED Ed Club Station

We set up TED Ed Club Station,  a new way to put student ideas, hopes and dreams in the spotlight at more community events by combining a digital gallery with an event booth run by students and teachers. To explore how to start TED Ed Club Station at your school, visit this article . Here’re the excitement you missed at TEDx Youth Lazuardi:

TED Ed Club Station at TEDx Youth Lazuardi

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Basically in TED Ed Club Station, we introduced TED Ed Club to people  and we encouraged people to post their passion and ideas at our board of passion and ideas. We also exhibited TED Ed Clubs website, Innovative Educators, TED Ed Club curriculum and materials.  The TEDx visitors could get TED Ed resources directly from local  people who have used it in school. Here’s our passionable booth:


TED Ed Club Station objectives:

  • Celebrate TEDx participants’ passion and ideas at TEDx event
  • Unite TED Ed Club Facilitators in Jakarta [We did our first meetup at this station!]
  • Involve students to be part of TEDx event [They’re more excited to join TEDx event]
  • Inspire community to start TED Ed Club,  TEDx event, and speak at TEDx. [People came to me asking how to start the club, TEDx, and speak on the event. My students want to arrange one!!]
  • Initiate local TED Ed Club Facilitators-Indonesia Facebook Group to connect TED Ed Clubbers in Indonesia [If you’re TED Ed Club Facilitators in Indonesia, please let us know]

Closing Thought


Our collaboration is more powerful than I could imagine. 

Overall, TEDx Youth Lazuardi event has demonstatred strong model of living in happiness and success in 21st century! Excellent work, Mahrukh & team!

I must thank Mahrukh Bashir who has become an outstanding leader in leading TEDx Youth Lazuardi and TED Ed Club at Lazuardi.  For me, Mahrukh Bashir has become one of the most inspiring school leader, TED Ed Innovative Educator & TED Ed Club Facilitators. In the end, I strongly recommend you to meet Mahrukh [get ready to be inspired!] and join her TED Ed training and future TEDx events.

Looking forward to greater collaboration in the future!





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