The Force Awakens in Community of Educators

Steven & Gusman presented how the Force Awakens in Community of Educators at the Top Leader Summit 2016, Google Singapore. 

This is story of how  a community of educator named Google Educator Group united the force to champion teacher’s professional development in West Jakarta. It’s all started with Steven Skywalker, Chewbacca Hansen & Gusman Solo with the help & support of Aileen Apollo, Philip Tanpoco, dedicated partners & group of passionate teachers.

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-15

20 months ago (September 2014) in West Jakarta Far, Far away, Google Educator Groups (GEG) launched the first inauguration at Singapore School. With the help of Sutisna Mulyana, Leap-Up Founder, Google Student Ambassador Alumni,  we connected to awesome partners such as Richard & Carissa G, dedicated university students who did cool things that matters for their university.

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-16

Google Educator Groups (GEGs) are communities of educators who learn, share, and inspire each other to meet the needs of their students through technology solutions, both in the classroom and beyond.  The story of our 20 months goes like the most amazing Star Wars episodes. 

I will exhibit the stories with the modified Star Wars for Educators posters made by awesome educators in his blog, Richard Wells ) , an outstanding New Zealander educator, specialise in student-centred learning, educational use of social media, augmented reality, Design Thinking and providing effective professional development that is centred on the individual teacher’s requirements and current skill-set.

You will find his profile here:  Get the original Star Wars for Educators posters by clicking the link at the very end of this blogpost.

Episode I : The Fixed Mindset Menace

“Don’t wait someone to create PD for you. Create the PD you deserve.” Jennie Magiera.

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-17

In 2014, I met Philip, Aileen, and other inspiring GEG Leaders & teachers both in Jakarta & around the world who said “Steve, the Force is STRONG in you. You have the capacity to learn and lead the change.”

Therefore,  I personally believe every teachers have strong force to start their own Professional Development. Unfortunately, some (NOT all) other teachers, principals, administrator thought they know the best ways for teachers to learn. They kept saying “We must TEACH our teachers with our own way with every step of the way.”  These group of FIXED mindset people almost ‘killed’ the force within as they don’t believe in growth & change.

Episode II : The Attack of Limitation

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-18

Additionally, the force was attacked with many limitations such as slow computer & wifi, lack of support, blocked access that almost ‘kill’ our learning spirit.  Then, some persistent teachers in West Jakarta do #rebelattackchat silently & slowly.

Episode III Revenge of Growth Mindset

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-19

Then we fully realized the fixed mindset & limitation try so many times to ‘fail’ our efforts with their false authority, we didn’t give up. We fought back.  We took a ‘revenge’ by uniting Growth Mindseters who believe they need to do ‘bottom up’ action which give them opportunity to design their own personal learning. Many teachers joined the revenge of Growth Mindset.

Episode IV A New Hope

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-20

Slow but sure, the number of our members grew as many teachers started to believe the power of unity, sharing, and empowering each other.  Many teachers started to realize they have the force to learn, unlearn, and relearn. We actively designed  many unique PD programs such as computational thinking, summit, workshop, and hangout. A new hope was born and our GEG experienced the most exciting growth that we have never imagined !

Episode V The Failure Strikes Back

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-21

Rejection. Mistakes. Miscommunication. All these failures seemed undo our great work. Some teachers & leaders  tried to stop what we’re doing  by saying scary statement such as:

“Just sit down, get back in line, don’t take any risk, stay in your happy comfort zone, technology is dangerous, just do what school or textbook asked you to do.”

We’re almost down but luckily we have key factors that pushed us to go out of our comfort zone.

Episode VI : Return of the Jedi

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-22

It’s the JEDI. Jedi is anyone with super normal power to learn, share, inspire, and empower.  

We keep seeking JEDI out there using social media  to unite the force. These Jedi believe that technology could not change the world, it’s how and when you use it that makes your class goes beyond awesome. Till now, we have several JEDIs in our community and they are the one that keep us stronger.

We need more JEDI to fight the ‘battle’ so we kept searching the JEDI all over Jakarta, Indonesia, and the world.  JEDI who are willing to join the force to design their own Professional Development have several requirements.

Are you the one or you want to learn to become one or you want to lead JEDI Community at your EDU event?  MAKE the FORCE AWAKENS !

FORCE AWAKENS : Simple tips to design your best PD experiences

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-24

Spotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-25

Before the event, we usually use FORCE:

    • F = Flexible. You must learn to be super flexible dealing with a lot of challenges & limitation. No place in your school? Find other schools. No wifi? Find sponsors. Crazy traffic jam and tight schedule? Use Google Hangout to connect &  discuss our event. No face to face meetup needed to make an event. No need perfect situation to start the change. 
    • O = Open-minded :  Be open for a lot of perspectives to discuss crazy ideas at your GEG. Stay open minded during discussion of your events and get ready to do something out-of-the-box! 
    • R = Resourceful :  Let people know that you and your event are super resourceful. We usually send resourceful email containing all training material, rundown event, useful links, and important announcements. Especially for study group, you need to make sure everyone read the material first.
    • C = Collaboration: Collaborate with your team designing your professional development. Identify each other’s needs, current trends, and topic relevances. I’ve always got amazing perspective when I designed the rundown, training material with my co-leaders.
    • E = Engage “Alone you can do so little, together we can do so much.”  Engage people. Let other educators help one another and challenge the other participants. Engage them to present their reflection, story, and feedback. You will be amazed at the born of JEDI when you involve people in your SQUAD.

During the event, you must stay AWAKE:

Spotlight Story - GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens (2)

  • Appreciation means you need to appreciate people participation and effort to learn, share, and inspire each other.
  • Welcome people from diverse background and skills. Make sure everyone feel safe to ask questions and show their lack of knowledge.
  • Accessible : Make yourself accessible. Walk around the participants to check participants understanding and achievements during your workshop. 
  • Knowledgeable : You must learn how to deliver your training material and let people know that you’re knowledgeable, if you don’t understand some stuff, don’t be afraid asking your collaborative partner to assist you answering questions.
  • Enthusiasm: Show your excitement during the event. Express your  ‘wow’ moments and spead the enthusiasm during training, group work, till networking session. 

After the event, NS: Spotlight Story - GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens (3)

  • Nurture: Maintain your virtual community and connection with people. Send them thank you email with post event survey, training material, tasks, and recap of the events. Form a virtual group that enable you to connect with your members 24/7.  
  • Support : Keep in touch with your member,  some of them might ask you how they implement what they have learned in their class. One teacher did amazing job after we did Virtual event by testing cardboard for the whole school. Some write a blog. Appreciate their effort.We plan to continue the awesomeness by: 
    • Turn members to local leaders.
    • Reach out to new school
    • Keep exploring new method of study group
    • Partnering & Mentoring other GEGs.

Here’s one of the best quote by Richard WellsSpotlight Story _ GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens-27The true force that make your GEG awesome: Show yourself as learners and you will be amazed how the force awaken in your GEG! 

Special Gifts to YOU ! 

We have special gift to all JEDI around the world  spread the FORCE: A google drive folder containing our study group rundown, training material presentation,  pre & post event survey for you to adapt and replicate. Just click!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 5.20.59 AM

Feel free to make a copy and remake it for designing your PD events. If you have any event resource, please feel free to click ‘add to drive’ and upload your resources.

Let’s unite the FORCE ! 

Here’s the photos of my presentation at GEG West Jakarta Top Leader Summit 2016 with Gusman Adi, one of the best JEDI & Leader in West Jakarta:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you noticed, we wore GEG special edition t-shirt .Many JEDI asked me ” How did you design your ‘The Force Awakens’ t-shirt? I want your t-shirt!”  I am sorry I did not bring  enough ‘The Force Awakens’ T-Shirt at the Top Leader Summit but I have two awesome ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself) stuff :

  1. Original T-Shirt Design File : Print your own t-shirt at your own country using this file and copy it to black background, then you will get high resolution of this phrase. FRONT Spotlight Story - GEG West Jakarta - The Force Awakens (4)
  2. Design your own ‘star wars’ t-shirt  by clicking this website: Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 6.28.54 AM       
  3. If you’re in Jakarta and you are interested to get the t-shirt, you can contact me via email
  4. Please let us know if you have printed your own t-shirt at your country.  Feel free to tag my facebook or mention me @Steven_Sutantro . Feel free to email me for more questions:

Last but not the least, here’s the full slide of my presentation at the Top Leader Summit, Google Singapore  !



10 [more] #StarWars Posters for Educators

Photo Courtesy of Amal Hasan & Gusman Adi.


5 thoughts on “The Force Awakens in Community of Educators

  1. Muchas felicidades por sus logros, que agradable ver el resultado de su entusiasmo y esfuerzo, gracias por compartir su deseo de ser parte de un cambio a nivel mundia, es motivador el leer su historia, un fuerte abrazo desde México .

  2. Kia ora Steven, an inspiring story, your presentation communicated an awesome sense of determination and forward thinking to enable teacher professional development in West Jakarta. Thanks to both you and Gusman for bringing this to life for us at the summit.

    He aha te mea nui o te ao
    What is the most important thing in the world?
    He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
    It is the people, it is the people, it is the people

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