Re-Work for Better Work

As we spent most of our time at work, we should re-think of how make our work BETTER. Here’s the summary & additional resources of the best book I’ve read so far: Work Rules.

How do we transform our WORK?

  1. Giving your work meaning :                                                       WR - Quote - Treat Well - G+, LI                                                                                                       Money is important. Yet, there is something much more cooler than money.  It’s MEANING. You should realize that your work is  something impactful and meaningful by understanding what you can do to make a difference in your classroom, school, and community around money. Connect your work to your higher mission to change people’s live.
  2.  Trust your people :                                      WorkRules-07                                                                       Give your team a chance to understand what your goals and let me figure out how to achieve them. Give some space for people to grow and do something.  Believe in people and let them speak up.
  3. Hire only people who are better than you:work-rules-21-638     Never compromise on hiring quality.  Check if your new hires are better than your old ones . As a quote say, “Bad breadth is better than no breath.”
  4. Don’t confuse development with managing performance:work-rules-22-638   Separate criticism from consequences.  Show people how feedback can help them more successful. Make learning safe at your company.
  5. Focus on two tails:                                            WR - List - Great Manager - G+, LI                                                                         Put your best people under microscope and study the closely to learn from them. Help the worst people to learn and find new roles.
  6. Be frugal & generous :  laszlo-bock-workrules                                        Focus your checks on something that your people needs. Be generous at what matter the most and make a difference by showing it.
  7. Pay unfairly :                                                                                     WR - Quote - Treat Well - G+, LI                                                                                                             Be generous in public recognition and celebrate achievement. Provide greater difference based on the performance.
  8. Nudge :      todays-60second-book-brief-work-rules-by-laszlo-bock-11-638 Arrange how your environment nudge people to connect, collaborate, communicate, and do other things that change people behaviour to be more productive.
  9. Manage rising expectation:  work-rules-30-638          Get ready to experiment and learn from critics and supporters.

Enjoy & then go back to no.1 and start again !work-rules-36-638

Learn more how you REdefine work by :

  1. Watching  ReWork Youtube channel

2. Visit Re:Work website : a practices, research, and ideas from Google and other organizations to put people first here:

3. Watch Laszo Book presentation at Re:Work.

4. Watch how work redefined at school [Edu on Air] :


5. Read ‘Work Rules’ by Laszco Bock.


It’s time to RE:Work for better work!



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