Strangers + Originality + Last Lecture = A book Review

Read my review of three must read books: “The Necessity of Strangers”, “Originals”, and “Last Lecture.” Then, let me know if you’re interested to read those book!


This book totally challenged me to change my mindset about Strangers.  We tend to be exclusive with the group who has same mind like us and avoid people who are different from us. In fact, that might be the reasons why you become so close-minded. By being open, you allow growth mindset that enable you to learn from different perspectives and gain new insight that will change your life. This book will be important remark of your journey to the new era of creative life. With real case study and examples, you will learn the power of strangers in shaping your passion into creative ideas.

Watch book trailer of “Necessity of Strangers”


“The Greatest leaders don’t stop at introducing original ideas to the world. They create cultures that promote originality in others.” Adam Grant

This book is full of inspiration of how non-conformist take risks and initiate creative ideas in many aspect of life. I love how this book elaborated concrete examples of innovators from different area with deep analysist of their ‘original’ journey. The last chapter ‘Action for Impact’ has successfully  compressed practical steps to shine your originality. Questions the default, Immersing in a new domain, Procrastinate strtaegically, Get feedback, Being open to strangers is one of the best life-lesson I learned from this book.

Here’s the book review:


“If you have one last class in your life before you dying, what would it be?” Randy Pausch.

Randy’s questions has challenged myself to contemplate what kind of true meaningful lesson I will pass on in my very last class. Since he’s few months to live due to his cancer, Randy wrote powerful message of the most important lesson for everyone. It’s not about coding or computer. [ Although Randy’s super smart computer scientist professor in Carnegie Mellon ]. It’s about living a limitless life & dream with persistence, courage, and inspiration.

The best part of this book is when Randy told life-lesson of his career of pursuing his passion to work as imageneering at Disney Land while helping his students fulfilling their own passion. This book is full of daily life lesson that will change your perspective on how living a life as if you are dying.

Watch recording of Randy’s last lecture :

Coming Soon: Finnish Lesson and some more inspiring books !



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wah nambah to read books nih. Yang Adam Grant bentar lagi mau baca. Good post, pak!

    1. Thanks Sutisna! Highly recommended deh buku Originals dari Adam Grant. Praktis dan simpel. Oh ya, Saya juga lagi baca buku “Work Rules” nih. Thanks juga buat reviewnya.

      1. Iya cuma yang Give and Take agak bosen sih. Mudah-mudahan yang ini engga. Wah baca juga di blog gw. Work rules kece banget!

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