2013 Reflection : The Year of Innovation


2013. It’s all enthusiasm. It’s all God’s inspired spirit. The year when the ideas come true.

THE YEAR OF INNOVATION. Let the pictures shine the reflection.

Tweets Your  New Year Resolutions 2013 – Homeroom teacher

New Year = New Commitment & Resolutions at Twitter


Valentine Geography Poem

It’s Valentine. It’s time to show your love. with Geography.


Geografi dan Gurunya

Cinta kami pada geografi bagai 3 lapisan bumi

Bila dilihat seberapa dalamnya

Dalam sekali dari barysfer sampai litosfer dalamnya

Guru geografiku

Engkau rela berbagi lembah-lembah ilmu

Engkau tangguh saat mengajar kami bagai batu metamorf

Pegunungan wawasan rela kau daki

Lembah pengetahuan kau sebrangi

Kau mendidik kami bagai endogen membentuk muka bumi

Kadang kau mengajar kami perlahan seperti erupsi efusif

Kadang kau mengajar kami perlahan dengan tergesa-gesa seperti erupsi eksplosif

Lagu-lagu yang kau nyanyikan bagai hujan orografis

Yang menyuburkan otak kami

subur seperti tanah gambut

Saat engkau memberitahu kami akan ada ulangan

Kami rasakan seisme dan skala ritcher pada otak kami

Materi geografi yang bagai lipatak kompleks

membuat otak kami terkikis

lalu berubah menjadi pasir….debu…lempung….

Tetapi kami tetap cinta pada geografi

Pelajaran ini seperti reboisasi untuk pikiran kami

Recycle Project- Grade 11 IPS  Geography

RePair- Reuse – Reduce. Awesome Recycle Project from the Students

Marina, KW, StevenMariska, Licia, Tommy, Lucky

Tweet Enviromental Campaign 2013- Geography Grade 10 Social

Share Environmental Problems around You. Let  People Know. Do Something.

Dian Kumalasari


which bring me to the best journey ever at International Christian Higher Education Conference 2013


Digital Media Extracurricular

Educate Digital Students with New Brand Digital Extracurricular



Business Exhibition Simulation Project- Entrepreneurship Grade 11 Social

Students were asked to build a online innovative company using social media. It’s all collected here:

Twitter @entrepreneurSDHDM  Blog: http://www.entrepreneurSDHDM.wordpress.com


Stop Motion Project Geography – Grade 10

When Geography Meets Stop Motion: Students Creative Action Explode!

and there are The Awards for The Best Talents Ever! Check it out!


Business Exhibition Simulation Entrepreneurship Grade 11

Don’t try to separate ‘Science’ and ‘Social’ students coz…

When Science students meet Social students = it’s Yummy Business Exhibition. Taste The Innovation!



Social Research Defense  – Entrepreneurship Grade 12 Social 

Show me your Best Presentation Ever! Coz it’s Thesis Defense Simulation.entre1     

Bye 2013,  The Year of Innovation.  Grateful to have this amazing year with all creative things happen.

It’s time to Welcome 2014. Growing the innovation to  inspiration for people.

Welcome 2014, The Year of Research. 


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Made Hery Santosa says:

    The ‘theme’ you set up for your goals clearly shows what you are Mas. Interesting that you aim for research next year. It’s a good one. We can possibly collaborate 🙂

  2. Thanks Pak Made! You also have inspired me a lot to set my 2014 goal. Surely, we can possibly collaborate someday and contribute for educational research in Indonesia (which is still very limited). I’ll keep you updates.

  3. maximos62 says:

    Steven, thanks for such a comprehensive post. I’m looking forward to meeting you and sharing some of the digital pedagogy that I’ve developed. Most of my work has been in Geography, History and Commerce/ Business Studies. I’m pleased to see you working in some of these areas as well. Just for interest here’s a link to one of my first major projects, back in the period 1995 to 1999 https://dfat.gov.au/aii/publications/_lib/pdf/Geografi_Australia.pdf
    My old company Asian Field Study Centres Pty Ltd was the initiator, in tandem with the Australia Indonesia Institute. I wish was had access to 21st century tools when we completed this project.

    1. Thank you for your constructive comments and resourceful link. For sure, I’m looking forward to meeting you someday to learn and share Edtech implementation in Social Studies.

  4. Dare to try Design Thinking next year, Steven??? 🙂

    1. I dare to try any greater things next year!
      Design Thinking is amazing to learn and implement, will do it step by step.
      Let me know more about how you do that. Keep in touch!

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