Don’t Panic But… Mt. Fuji is Going To Erupt!!

Tokyo Desu

By Cal Widdall

A retired Ryuku University professor named Masaki Kimura has pointed to a number of disturbing signs which have led him to predict Mount Fuji’s eruption by 2015. Instead of doing lots of intense Nicholas Cage style running and sudden screaming to convince the populace of his sanity – and therefore the seriousness of his message – he’s simply written a couple of books.

The signs of the impending eruption according to Kimura, are:

  • Increased seismic activity since the Tohoku earthquake – the pressure in Mt. Fuji’s magma chamber is currently believed to be higher than the last eruption in 1707 (which was also preceded by a large earthquake, in Osaka)
  • Numerous phreatic eruptions around Fuji’s base – a phenomena present at American volcano Mt. Saint Helen’s prior to its eruption.
  • The rise of the water level at Lake Sai – possibly caused by the melting…

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