Sustainable Life Comes from Life Quality


One of the most interesting questions about the lecture, “do we all walk on sustainable path?” “Are we sustainable?”Lots of discussion have involved to answer this question. However, in my opinion, the answer is NOT about quantity, wealthy, consumption. Neo Maltusian theory has proved that the quantity do not affect too much on sustainable environment. Some countries have a dense population still they have good environment condition. Therefore, it’s not about the number of people exists on a country. But it’s about the quality of each person that determine sustainable life. Our biggest homework to create sustainable life is not reducing people’s number, but improving people’s quality which consist of three aspects: 1. Education: I think sustainable education should be implemented in all school curriculum to inspire our generation to understand and live out sustainability lifestyle. With more people understand the concepts and action, more people will do action by creating technologies and innovation that make our world sustainable. The more educated people on sustainability, the more impact they could make on sustainability. 2. Healthy: Sustainable life require a healthy people who understand how to take care themselves and their own environment. If a lot of people healthy, they could model lifestyle that sustain our world. 3. Income: Sustainable life talks how people could fullfill their own needs and future generations. The educated and healthy people who have sustainable lifestyle require an assurance of how they could make a sustainable change by getting more income. Sustainable life does not talk about number of people, it talks about quality of people. We are all in this together, we might the variety quality of our world from poor to rich. Our biggest homework is all about improving all people quality life. Finally, I believe it’s our time to take this simple action by taking care for ourselves and people around us to have sustainable education, healthy, and income that empower their quality to create better world for today’s and tomorrow generation.

 Sustainable Life Comes from Life Quality

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